When it Comes to Science, We're in our Element.
How we do things will change with the conditions.
Who we are on the other hand, always stays the same.

Why Join Our Team?

When you look for a place to
work, we understand that you
are looking for so much more
than just a job.


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You are looking for an environment, a culture, a company that is concerned about you and strives to empower you. Our mission is to provide those intangibles.

So, here are the top reasons for you to join our team:

It's all about who you work with

When you join HSC NJ you are joining the Healthcare Consultancy Group, a global company in the Omnicom Group. When you work at HSC NJ you are part of an intellectually stimulating environment; leadership is visible and accessible right to Delphine Dubois, MD, the president of HSC. We are a family; people know each other and they grow their careers with us.

BY THE WAY... we also have a lot of fun together, whether it's at our annual "Bowl-A-Palooza" or our informative staff meetings. Friendships that start here seem to last a long time.

It's all about being connected

And we don't just mean via e-mail. For instance, you may be employed by one company but assigned to work on a unique project or account in any of the other HCG companies, globally or domestically. There is the potential of growing your career within any of the HCG companies.

It's all about empowering you through relevant training

Learning opportunities are available for all. For instance, you might participate in training to polish essential skills in writing or presenting; Omnicom University focuses on cultivating budding leaders as well as honing more senior leadership skills at the Babson Executive Education Center. Our Productivity Hub offers digital access for do-it-yourself learning at any time. Our generous tuition reimbursement plan covers pertinent coursework in an academic setting.

It's about career development

Our performance process is a road map for you and your manager to discuss your current success and to plan your future success. The process is smart (one page), flexible (what we really care about is that you and your manager are regularly having these conversations), and relevant. It's all about the goals you need to meet in your daily work. We have defined career paths so that you know exactly what you need to be doing now to get to where you want to be tomorrow.

Being part of HSC also means terrific free perks and discounts

Whether it be that destination vacation, dinner and a movie, or even purchasing a car, and so much else you will want to explore.

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